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Learn to Skate Instructor
Department: Ice Rinks
Office: Boston City Hall Plaza
Location: Boston, MA

Job Description

Ice Skating Instructors, Part-Time

Under the supervision of the General Manager and Skating Director, primary responsibilities will include instructional and supervisory ice activities. 


Job Summary: Responsible for teaching basic fundamentals of ice skating in group and one-on-one settings. 

  • Demonstrate proper use of equipment, techniques and methods of proper movements to achieve proficiency in basic skills.
  • Follow the United States Figure Skating Basic Skills program format.
  • Explain and enforces safety, rules, and regulations.
  • Keep records and helps coordinate events.
  • Keeping the Skating Director, General Manager and parents informed of progress and any issues that may arise.


Specific Responsibilities:   

  • Arrive on time and prepared.  
    • Notify Skating Director at least 72 hours in advance of any planned absences.
  • Assist with student check-in beginning 15 minutes before scheduled class start time.
  • Provide ice skating instruction to students of all ages using the United States Figure Skating Basic Skills program, instructing students in all elements of class level.
  • Maintain a positive, upbeat and fun class environment using age-appropriate games and props to keep students moving and engaged.
  • Assist Skating Director with determining student placement and class combinations.  
  • Assist participants, providing support and extra direction as needed or requested by the Skating Director.  
  • Encourage appropriate behavior of students.  
  • Dress appropriately:
    • Solid color pants (white, black or khaki preferred)
    • Staff jacket
  • Respect participants, parents and staff.
    • Refrain from speaking negatively about the participants, other instructors or parents.
    • Use appropriate language.
    • Refrain from yelling at, hitting or verbally abusing the participants.
    • Notify the Skating Director immediately of difficult behaviors and/or unsafe situations.  
  • Be available for a minimum of four hours of private instruction per week.
    • Enter and update availability for private instruction using Mindbody scheduling system.
  • Attend training sessions as directed by the Skating Director and/or General Manager.  
  • Participate in special events as requested by the Skating Director and/or General Manager.



  • Must be at least 16 Years of age.  
  • Must have passed USFS Free Skate 1 or equivalent Program.  
  • Must be able to work with students of all ages, including young children.  
  • Must have been a skating assistant for at least 1 year.  
  • Must possess maturity and sound judgment.  
  • Must be reliable and responsible.


Skills, Experience, and Personal Traits:   

  • Previous coaching experience preferred  
  • Knowledge United States Figure Skating Basic Skills program format  
  • Knowledge of generally accepted teaching techniques  
  • Skill in managing large groups of skaters (i.e. youth / mixed ages).  
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other instructors, Skating Director and parents.  
  • Ability to motivate and energize students.  
  • Energy, assertiveness, initiative, creativity, and willingness to try new approaches and techniques.  

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